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Cloud Deployment? Yes Please!

“Cloud” has become the business world equivalent to kale or chipotle over the past few years. It’s the hot new thing that everyone MUST have. In this blog, I’d like to discuss the REAL benefits of using a cloud based deployment for Telestax RestcommONE platform.

Imagine that you see business growth potential outside of your current offerings and you’d like to to launch SMS Enablement, Voice API, Chatbot Enablement or any CPaaS service. One of the key decisions that you have to face is “what deployment model do I use?”. The RestcommONE Platform is changing the way real-time communications are developed and delivered via cloud. It is fast becoming the platform of choice for rapidly building today’s in-demand real-time messaging, voice and video applications. Our platform is scalable, highly available and the only WebRTC platform that supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployment configurations.

Why Cloud Deployment?

While there are benefits to each model, two important factors should be considered during your investigation of a cloud deployment option.

Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) and Time to Market(TTM) are both significantly impacted by your choice of deployment

Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership is a financial estimate intended to help buyers and owners determine the direct and indirect costs of a product or system. With a RestcommOne cloud deployment, Telestax will manage all of the items below:

  • Hardware, software maintenance, hosting.
  • Implementation and customization.
  • IT operation (additional headcount, training and knowledge transfer).
  • All 3rd party licenses and updates.
  • Everything above is covered by a single SaaS license!

Cloud deployment allows our customers to focus on the application and their user data. Telestax focuses on all operational aspects including uptime, middleware, operating systems, virtualization, security, etc. Our highly skilled expert team will provide customers with the best quality, scalability, regulatory compliance and performance!

Time to Market

Time to Market (TTM) is the length of time it takes from application conception until it is available for use or sale. A RestcommOne cloud based deployment gives you the option to significantly reduce your TTM by eliminating the costs of new infrastructure, employee training, and system integrations.

With RestcommOne, you also have the additional benefits of:

Each one of these items will allow you to increase your TTM exponentially through collaboration, ease of use, and resource management.

As we discussed, Telestax is proud to offer multiple deployment options for the Restcomm Platform. While each has its benefits, we have seen the demand for enterprise grade Cloud solutions skyrocket. RestcommOne is the response to that demand. If you’d like to learn more about RestcommOne and the benefits of a Cloud based deployment, please contact us.

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  • Nimblevox
    Posted at 01:07h, 31 January Reply

    Great Post! Cloud deployment is really beneficial for business purpose. It totally reduces the hardware and software installation and maintenance cost. It’s flexible and scalability features help you to grow your business according to your changing requirements.

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