Success now depends on a company’s ability not only to collaborate internally, but to collaborate externally with suppliers, partners and customers. The market for enterprise communications is undergoing dramatic change. Organizations are under considerable pressure to move from closed solutions, to ubiquitous communications platforms that allows their employees to conduct business anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Effective team collaboration can be complex and challenging, given a more mo-bile workforce, the need to reduce IT costs, while requiring the support of voice, video, and social networks regardless of device or end-point. Telestax has developed a revolutionary middleware product that helps organizations to quickly build business communications and collaboration solutions – enabling teams to share whatever they want, wherever they want, and with whomever they want – on their preferred device.


In today’s highly competitive environment, success depends on an organization’s ability to enable effective collaboration with their business teams…no matter where those teams are located and what device they prefer to use. Further, as organizations move beyond on-premise solutions to support new delivery and hosting models such as Cloud, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and other integrated solutions, companies need to deploy and open and extensible communications environment that eliminates dependencies on communications and hardware providers. By leveraging Telestax’s Restcomm middleware platform, enterprises and their partners – such as systems integrators, OEMs and VARs – can quickly deploy open and extensible communications solutions. These solutions can be deployed without dependencies on communications suppliers, thereby allowing for the rapid deployment of new and innovative communication features and applications.

We remove complexity from traditional infrastructure and provide modern tools for mainstream developers.

How Telestax Delivers Value to the Enterprise

Telestax’s Restcomm middleware and applications development platform allows organizations to provide a consistent, reliable and well-structured software development platform that enables developers to quickly build and deploy communications applications and functionality that enhances business practices to improve internal collaboration and customer interactions.


Enterprises can now integrate additional application functionality, and ultimately migrate from costly legacy equipment and systems such as desk phones, to softphones, mobile, soft clients, and video endpoints such as WebRTC and other communications protocols. Further, enterprises are striving to consolidate their multivendor infrastructure and integration with business applications such as; CRM, Contact Center, Collaborative Commerce and other Multi-Channel application solutions.


By integrating enhanced collaboration across its organization & applications infrastructure, enterprises can enhance their communications and operational capabilities to reflect the products, resources, information, suppliers and partners necessary to develop and deliver more value. This capability management therefore depends on effective collaboration among workgroups within an organization, and its partners and suppliers outside of it. Telestax eliminates bifurcated communications silos while enabling its customers to decouple services from the network infrastructure, thus enabling voice, video, and collaboration services to operate efficiently and independently.


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